5 Principle of Home and Living Product: A Manifesto consists of sustainable, customizable, consistency, comfortable, and valuable.

5 Principle of home & living Product : a manifesto

Home and living products are items and objects, in which satisfy human wants and provide utility. They are tangible and movable personal/shared property placed in the Rooms and spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, terraces, classroom, office spaces or any room.

What, how, and for whom we choose to use these products are crucial decisions that have a serious impact on our health, environment and civilization. Therefore, each home and living products must expressed in this principle:
1. Sustainable:
  • Recyclable: It should contains recycled material and it must be easy to recycled.
  • Eco friendly: It should manufactured through low-carbon process while using environmental & health safety materials.
  • Durable: It needs keep its efficiency for a very long period without remarkable deterioration or unexpected maintenance needed.

2. Customizable:
  • Spare Parts Availability: It should have spare parts available and affordable for consumers and independent repairers.
  • Add-ons-able: It should have the ability for users to enhance, modify, or personalized product experience with additional item/s.
  • Self-expression Ability: It should be an interactive open canvas for the representation of customers aspects of the self through modification or with add-ons.

3. Consistency:
  • Standardize Dimensions: Each measurements and sizes should following a comprehensive reference database documented. following ergonomic and aesthetic proportion.
  • Basic Tools Support: All components should be able to assembled, maintained, repaired, and serviced using basic household hardware tools.
  • Space-Saving: It should be easily & effectively to disassemble, re-assemble or making it stackable for easy transport & for storing purpose.

4. Comfortable:
  • Functionality Ergonomic: It should directly to respond to the dimensions and proportions of the human body.
  • Aesthetic Proportions: It should create lines of pleasure and passion without detracting or distracting from usability.
  • Clean-ability: It should be developed systematically with the intent of simplify the cleaning process of each part and lower the risk of damaging the product.

5. Valuable:
  • Useful: It should be intuitive through good usability and anyone could figure them out without instruction for their intended function/s. 
  • Efficient: It should offering a maximum customer benefit relative to all other alternatives in the market while conserving energy & resource from manufacturing to delivery process.
  • Guarantee: It should have  a formal promise or assurance that it will have an acceptable quality,  durability, match their descriptions & repaired or replaced if it doesn't match as criteria specified.