Why Become our Partners

Monoliving as a movement, a community, and a platform can be described as a way of life where a single solution gives a single purpose of sustaining and comforting the human way of living yet has various forms, parts and looks.

In Monoliving, we understand the importance of community and how it positively impacts us all. We are opening up the roles in our community from our suppliers, makers, and everyone who's involved in our line of industry. We also open up for anyone outside of our industry, whether they are big or small business owners, or individuals.

 We believe this community could be a new communication tool to shift the current mindset from planned obsolescence product culture to a more sustainable product culture.

 In Monoliving, you can choose your partner role/s such as:

  • Monolivians: Buyers/Customer
  • Moli Gang: Community Member
  • Moli Holders: Moli's NFT Holders
  • Creative: Category Designer, Cover Designers, Add-ons Designers
  • Builder: Suppliers, Prototyping, Productions, Packaging
  • Agent: QC, Installer, Project Manager
  • Support: Fulfillment, Delivery, Recycling, Legal, & Licensing

 Choose your role now!


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